NOW EVEN THE 95% CAN BECOME RICH AND WEALTHY!2019-06-03T14:50:22+00:00

Do you know that 2% of the world’s population enjoy financial freedom and do you also know that 3% enjoy financial independence?

These were statistics that I read many years ago. They shouldn’t have changed very much over the years. Of course, there are more people who are rich and wealthy now because of the Internet, the connectivity and the opportunities to become rich and wealthy available online. Have you ever asked the question ‘why is this statistic remaining so constant’?

Let’s assume that 5% of the people are rich and wealthy and 95% of the people are not. So what is happening to this 95%? That is a bonus and mind-boggling question.

95% of the people are either keeping their heads above water, just surviving or having a little bit of savings or just making ends meet or struggling or even in poverty. Is there any chance for part if not all of the 95% of these people to have a good chance to become rich and wealthy? That is the question that we want to ask.

What I have noticed that we have been doing things the same way over again and again. No wonder the statistics remains the same. So, if we were to reverse that wouldn’t you think that there would be more people to become rich and wealthy?

Let me share with you my views. How does the 5% population become rich and wealthy? This 5% population became rich and wealthy because they are practicing the secret to become rich and wealthy and that secret is they are very good at applying the principle of leveraging, leveraging on the effort of other peoples’ effort to become rich.

The late Paul Getty expounded: ‘I rather depend on the 1% effort of each of the 100 persons than to depend on the 100% effort of my own effort. This means that the rich and wealthy leverage on the poor.

For example, if you are a corporate magnet, what are you going to do? How are you going to leverage? You leverage on the employees in those companies that you control and manage through your CEOs. You pay a salary and you reap all the profit that is generated by all your businesses.

What about a main franchisor? A franchisor of a chain of franchise stores reap the benefits from the efforts of all the franchisees in his franchise. This is the secret of the rich becoming richer. This is the principle of leveraging. For the

95% of the people to have a chance to become rich and wealthy, I reckon the only way is that we too practice the principle of leveraging by working together.

If 95% of the population work together leveraging on each other’s strength I am sure everyone will have an equal chance to succeed to become rich and wealthy.

If you feel that what I share with you makes sense and you want to know more leave your best email address below in the box below and I shall reach out to you to have a chat and see if we can work together to become rich and wealthy. I look forward to hearing from you. Bye-bye for now.