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I was born a Baby Boomer. Like most Baby Boomers, my choice of a career in those days when growing up was either to become a doctor, lawyer, engineer, architect or accountant. I chose the latter because I was only interested in a course that can help me follow my late dad’s footsteps who was a successful banker in a prominent bank.

When asked what does the course entails and what does an accountant do, my answer was:’I don’t know. I just want to have an office like my dad, instruct others what to do, be called the boss, drive a Free limousine and have a company driver!’ I was only 15 then.

I qualified as a Chartered Accountant and went on to become Auditor, Agent for Receiver and Manager, Financial Controller, General Manager, Executive Director and Managing Director of medium to large sized corporations including two public listed companies. My career after I left the audit firm has always been in senior management positions and my only aspiration then was to become the CEO or Managing Director of a large organisation.

I achieved what I have set out to do but not without challenges. I shall leave this part of my story at the right time when I launch my coaching business. As of now, I shall share my story here at this website on why I do what I do now, namely, ‘helping others build a happy & fulfilled life through unity & community bonding’.

I love what I was doing in my career. Like most Baby Boomers, we learn to love our work and we become good at what we do. We are limited and special editions!

Multi-level marketing (MLM) or network marketing has never featured in my plans. I was quite contented with my life both at work and at home. I was happy, enjoyed a reasonable remuneration package, have some savings and was looking forward to the later years in my life. The thought of retiring has never occurred to me and I never had any strong inclination to become rich and wealthy.

Somehow, I was brought into this grossly misunderstood industry by chance. I was ‘tricked’ into attending a business opportunity meeting. I was furious at being in a place where I should not be at. However, after listening to what was on offer, I was taken in by the mission and the vision of the company, its products and what the industry has to offer, namely, long term residual and passive income! I thought to myself: Perhaps this is something that my other half can get involved in. After all, there is nothing to lose and everything to gain. That was the beginning of my MLM journey.

The journey was tough especially in the initial years. People often asked me:’What are you doing in a business like this? You should not have qualified as a Chartered Accountant if this was what you have wanted to do. How can a professionally qualified person like you go round selling products from door- to-door?’ Lol!

My other half and I have had numerous challenges. You will agree that the toughest battle in life is dealing with people. We met all kinds of ‘downlines’ in the business. We had challenges but we learned. We grew and became one of the key leaders in the company in the country where we were building our business.

MLM truly offers residual and passive income. Only if you join the right company with the right products, the right leaders and the right compensation plan. However, the casualty rate in this industry is jut too high. As high as 97%!

I was lucky to have met a few dedicated leaders and several builders who were serious with the business.

I earned good residual and passive income. I was with the same and only company for twenty years. I have never had any intention to change company although I have been approached many times to do so. My motivation has never been money. I was blind in loyalty to the company where I was building the business. I was quite contented with what I was earning. I was enjoying personal freedom as I was working only ten hours a month in the business toward the latter part of my journey with this company.

What I have noticed in the course of building the business was that only 2 to 3% of the downlines in my network were making money. The others were not. It was also tiring for my builders to have to prospect for new downlines every month as the attrition rate in the business was very high. This is the general trend in the industry

I always have the heart to help the ‘partners’ in my business. I wanted to see everyone succeed. Unfortunately, this was ‘constrained’ by the way the compensation plan of the company was structured. It has just too many conditions to fulfill especially for part-timers who were mostly full- time employees or homemakers.

Knowing what was needed to help, I personally designed a scheme which could easily enable everyone in my organisation earn good income. The scheme was too advanced at the time as I could not find the tools nor the vehicle to bring it to fruition.

Fast forward, I am now in a position to share with others the way this awesome business should be build. Using my experiences in corporate as well as having build my business for over twenty years coupled with the knowledge that I have acquired in coaching, internet marketing and social media, I believe I have now cracked the code to enable most ordinary folks succeed in this business.

The Easy Way!

If you are someone who is looking for a legitimate online or MLM business to do or if you are looking to join the right team and work with a coach who cares, do get in touch with me. We can have a chat and explore how we can work at this business together. Look forward to hear from you soon!