Introduction: Employment & Artificial Intelligence (AI)

There seems to be a mad rush to make money online these days on the Internet and understandably so.

Employment is becoming scarcer and scarcer as days go by and soon this will be a thing of the past for the majority of people with the full arrival of the Artificial Intelligence (AI)!

Let me ask you a pertinent question.

Making Money Online

How many people actually make money online?  I mean making money that can match their full-time income in employment??? From what I know, only a small percentage of people make any money at all!

In fact, I know many who have invested their lifetime savings on the Internet and lost them all.  Many even went bankrupt and were forced to go back to employment.

Stop being coaxed by all those bright lights in the industry!

People flashing out their branded cars in videos, their luxurious lifestyles and their six, seven and even eight figures income that they claim they earn doing the business!

Please do not misunderstand.

Yes, there are people who are very successful online but at what percentage and at what cost?  From one of the Affiliate Programs, which I was blessed to have got involved, only 3% made money!

Given the fact that people do make money, let me ask you another question.

Becoming The Next Star Online

What are the chances of you becoming another ‘star’ like one of them in the industry?

Let’s face it.  Are you destined to become successful like them? Yes, I hear you and what the coaches keep saying.  ‘If we have the will and the perseverance to do what it takes, we can do and achieve whatever we want!’  Sounds familiar, right?

Before we even believe that we can do, why don’t we review our backgrounds, capabilities and circumstances before we jump into the ‘frying pan?’  Compare our background with those so-called ‘stars’ or ‘gurus’ and see for ourselves our chances of succeeding in doing what they do.  Most if not all have unfair advantages. Will they tell us these?  Most started doing the business long before us.
Were we informed of these?

We only see what is being shown? Testimonies are only testimonies and are made for marketing purposes.  How real are these?  Are all these people sharing testimonies consistently making money from the business?  Will they tell us the truth?

The Gullible Ones: Newbies & Baby Boomers

Imagine how a newbie on the Internet learning the ‘ropes’ in Internet Marketing hoping to compete and succeed against the ‘veterans’ in the industry? What are the chances of them succeeding in the business?

What about the Baby Boomers (born before 1964) who have never been exposed to computers at schools only now learning all those techie stuff in Internet Marketing? What are the chances of these Baby Boomers succeeding in the business and competing with the younger generations?  Sure, there may be a few who succeeded but did they really succeed or were they being given unfair advantage?

No one knows!

It is easy to paint a good and convincing picture on the Internet. Food for thought, right?  So, please be sensible!

In actual fact, there is no need to learn or have techie knowledge in order to succeed in an online business. 

Due Diligence & Prudence

I believe that once you have conducted a ‘due diligence’ on who you are and what you are capable of, the chances are you will most probably not get into the business and would take a rational stand.

If you still believe that you can do it despite the above explanations, do start with the basics and start small instead of investing in large sums of money!

Rome is not build in one day! It is better to be safe than sorry! Maintain a good head on your shoulders!

Never Make A Decision Based On Emotions

Many people make decisions based on emotions instead of logic when they are constantly being bombarded with all those ‘shiny objects’ and ‘promises’ over and over again.

What Are Your ‘Given’ Skills?

Do remember that we are all blessed with ‘given’ skills and talents and we each have a ‘pre-determined’ purpose in life to fulfill.  Not every one of us can become a Marketer or a Sale Person.  What if we are? What would the world be like?  Who will be serving us then?

Think about it.  What are your ‘given’ skills and talents?  What is your life purpose?  Are you destined to be in sales and marketing?


These are some of the pertinent questions that you should ask yourself before you jump into the next online opportunity. So, next time, if you see a ‘shiny object’ on the Internet, please be more vigilant.  Maintain a good head on your shoulders!  Think before you leap!

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