I remember the saying that goes something like this: ‘If you are born poor, it is not your fault but if you die poor, it is entirely your fault!’ This statement sounds a little harsh but it is true!

If you take stock of where you are today, you will agree that ‘you are the sum total of all the decisions and the actions that you have taken to-date.’ Rightly or wrongly!

Following the above analogy, if we were to be able to go back to time and take better actions and make better decisions, our lives would definitely be much better than now. It goes to show that if we change the way we think and act for the better from now on, our lives should by right, improves henceforth from now.

All this sounds so simple but when it comes to action, it is never easy. Imagine changing a habit that has been with you till now! Not easy at all, right?

Try getting up early each morning by one hour to read, making affirmations, writing goals, meditating or doing physical exercises. Do you think you will be able to do this consistently? Do you think you can do this at all?

Change needs strict discipline. Change needs a strong willpower.

Most of all you need a strong reason that will motivate you to want to make that change! This is the only way to change a bad habit into one that serves you.

Whenever you are distracted from taking action to change, always remind yourself of the reason why you want to make the change. Anchor on the ‘why’ and feel the pain if you fail to make that change. The ‘why’ could be to reduce your weight by ten kilos to prepare for a wedding or it could be to get back to fitness so that you can be re-instated into the football team.

Whatever the reason for change, it must be a strong one, one that can make you cry should you not achieve it.

Without a strong reason why you ‘must’ change, trying to change is only wishful thinking. This Facebook Live video sums it all up.

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